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How to prevent the Bank from making money on your credit card

Banks earn an average of five times on their customers who issue credit cards. The first time-when they issue buy good cc a card and charge for its maintenance from 1 to 3 thousand rubles a year. The second time-when a customer withdraws cash from a credit card via an ATM, a Commission of 300-500 rubles is charged.

The third is when the borrower uses the money for a long time and pays interest on the loan. The fourth is a monthly fee for SMS notifications shop sell cvv about the movement of funds on the account. And the fifth time — if the cardholder misses mandatory monthly payments and is charged fines for this.

Investment: earning with a credit card

It is undeniable that interest on a Deposit is a guaranteed, but not very large income in the form of interest. The same 50-100 thousand rubles from the Alfa credit carding dumps can be invested in a more risky, but profitable option.

For example, buying stocks, bonds, opening an individual investment account, mutual Funds, etc. in 1-3 months unicc tor domain, the value of securities will change and if you grow, you will also make a profit.